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Intake Form
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Optional: Do you consider yourself to be from a marginalized group(s) based on the following:
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About Your Health
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Have you had prenatal care for this pregnancy?
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For billing purposes we are required to release some statistical information about you and your pregnancy to the Ministry of Health. Your name is not used, however some identifiers like yours postal code, your date of birth, and information about your care with midwives will be shared with the Ministry. 
Please check this box if you agree we may forward this information for billing purposes: 
Consent for release of information to Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. 
I acknowledge that New Life Midwives will not have a clinical role during my pregnancy until they have offered and I have attended an in person booking appointment confirming my acceptance into care.
Are you a Previous 
New Life Midwives Client?
Do you have diabetes
If this is a surrogate pregnancy indicate your transfer date.
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